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Does Your Premature Ejaculation make You Feel like"Less Of A Man?"
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Do You Feel So Ashamed And Embarrassed That You Can't Even Look Your Partner In The Eyes?
Are You Afraid Your Lover Is Cheating On You Because You Can't Satisfy Her?
hree, Two, One... Boom!

Even though there’s immediate pleasure for you—
You’ve climaxed and softened before your lover even ‘warms up’.

You really want to please your lady but you feel you can’t. You want to be seen as a good lover but you leave a great void of desire in her life. 

It’s a terrible feeling

The feeling that sits deep in your mind (gut and heart) and haunts you …

Your Inability To Please Your Lover In Bed
Is Leaving Her Grossly Dissatisfied!

Even if this time you tried your best and held it for another 2 minutes just to get her "off"…she’s left with a world of desires—desires to be satisfied.  

It’s a feeling that eats at you. Really eats at you—deep down. It’s a dark little secret you feel you can never reveal to friends. It’s not a conversation you’d strike up over a cup of coffee or a beer.  

It’s your premature ejaculation. And it’s bad! 

Not being able to last for your lady ... the feeling of failure probably has even effected your desire for having sex. 

Make you "Think" You're Less Of A Man
Than You Are...Or Could Be!


Sometimes when you hear conversation — you know the kind where guys talk about their sexual escapades — you have to keep quiet.  You have this angry, stirring feeling in your gut and your mad at the world because you are stuck with  this horrible problem.


And worse yet... you lie... you lie about how you please your lover.  Have you ever lied about your performance in bed?


I know I've lied.


I did it out of sheer embarrassment.  What else am I supposed to say?... "Yeah... I suck in bed, and my lover hates it..."?  Sheesh... come-on... it's embarrassing enough simply to feel this way... let alone lie about it. 


And this is just the beginning.  I started to imagine the worst case scenario... that I would lose the love of my life.  You know... that itching feeling in the back of your mind -- you're constantly wondering if…


Your Girl Is Looking to Cheat On You
With Some Guy Who Can Please Her!

And this is when things start to go south...

You go through all the emotions... you get frustrated at her... then angry at yourself... and then downright disgusted... and all in all, you have this deep-seeded insecurity about your inability to perform in bed… and you're paranoid the girl you love is having sex somewhere else to fulfill her “needs”.  

And to top it all off... all this worry and insecurity makes you even worse in bed.

You may even decide to go through her things when she’s not looking—trying to scout out signs of betrayal. Or worse, you follow her like a stalker. And this insane behavior—behavior that’s really so far beneath you, leads to… 

Nit-Picking and Unnecessary Arguments Over Nothing

You know deep down inside she’s not satisfied with you.  Maybe she’s hinted at it…or… she’s outright told you, “You’re just not stimulating me!” 

Your head hangs low... and you feel less than a man.  All because of you can't “please” her in bed.

Arguments become fights.  And fights become break upsAnd then you’re left with nothing but a deep insecurity about your sexual inability.  

Then to add salt to an open wound—the cycle repeats. You’re able to pull yourself together.  You fabricate stories for your friends…and a rationale for the next “potential” lady of your dreams.

And after the brief “courtship”…it starts all over.  

Well, let me tell you something… I've been in your shoes, my friend -- and if there's one thing I've learned about feeling insecure about sex, it's this:

It’s Not Your Fault You Don’t Know How
To Please Your Lover

Sure you may have had sex-ed in school.

Or, you could have taken some human sexuality course in college. Or, maybe you learned what a real “stud” is supposed to do to a woman from a friend. Maybe the TV educated you about “how” to last long and please a woman.  

Everyone who teaches sex-ed seems to think no one has any problems when it comes to satisfying a woman or lasting long in bed. But we aren't all made the same.

I know...I've been there before myself.

But none of these approaches scratch the surface of what it really takes to master premature ejaculation and please your lover.

It’s not like someone ever pulled you to the side in high school and revealed exactly how some men have complete control over when…or … if they want to cum. 

Some men can last hours.  And no, they’re not some porn star... or some “hung like a horse” wanna-be Don Juan.  They’re regular guys who’ve learned the complete mastery over their timing in bed. 

I know because… 

I Used To Explode Almost Immediately After Contact! 

But not any more.  Take a look at how I came across this ancient ejaculation mastery information:

My closest and dearest friend called me to see if he could come over for a cup of coffee because he needed to talk.  When he came over that night, and told me his girlfriend had cheated on him and broken up with him—they got in a huge fight.

He shared his problem with me—he couldn’t have sex longer that 3 minutes! 

His girlfriend broke up with him because he couldn’t please her in bed. He was devastated and fed up with life and this had been the 2nd time a girl had left him because he couldn’t perform or satisfy his partner. 

After a good 45 minute chat with him I couldn’t hold it in… I had to tell him the truth.  When I was 18 years old I found out I had the same problem.  

I couldn’t last very long and I would usually ejaculate after 3 to 8 minutes of sex and sometimes it just took a girl to touch me in the right place and it was over. 

Amazement and Relief Is Revealed:
70% Of All Men Sufffer From
Premature Ejaculation!

My friend looked at me as if he was relieved.

He felt good to see he wasn’t the only one.  I told him that 70% of all men have this problem! 

He looked at me and couldn’t believe it.

I told him how I was able to cure my premature ejaculation using some special exercises and techniques that I had learned. 

I did tons of research to find a cure and what I discovered really works. A few simple exercises and practice made me last up to 45-minutes in bed and my girlfriend was finally pleased. 

I still had all the sexual technique information in a big box in my closet. 

He tried it out for 14 days and just couldn’t believe the results. He was able to stimulate himself for over 30 minutes without letting it go.  

            After his amazing results, I decided to organize this information and put it all in an easy to understand…and simpler to apply format.

I spent hundreds of hours gathering it all together.  I wanted it compiled the way I wish it was for me when I was digging through all the information in the books I had bought. Plus...

You Will Never Find This Information Anywhere But On This Website


This audio Course has 2 Audio CDS And 1 CD With The Manuals
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The single most important thing you
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Not one guy in a thousand knows this…and it’s just one of the simple-to-grasp keys you’ll gain to unlock how to last longer in bed.

The bottom line is, you may have gotten your “love making education” from some guy who was lying about his escapades… so you’ve been led by a sexually blind man! 

      How to master the art of sexual endurance before your next love making encounter! 

This is actually fun to do. You have everything it takes to do this right now. You don’t need gadgetry to help you gain mastery over premature orgasms.  

      Why you really don’t want to ejaculate! And what an orgasm should mean to you! 

This is amazing.  It’s completely counterintuitive.  This is definitely NOT something you’d learn in the boy’s locker room.

Even if your Dad had the birds and the bees talk with you… Not one animal on the planet (except a few pleased women and the lovers who stimulate them) know about this.

When I first learned it…it almost seemed backwards. But it’s so—so satisfying to her…and to you! 

       One simple breathing technique guaranteed to immediately change the length of time you “last” with your partner! 

Here’s where most guys absolutely BLOW IT! It’s all in how you breathe. What’s more is, the immediate (I’m talking overnight!) effect knowing this one technique has on your ability to “hold on” and not blow your wad will send shock waves through your lover!

How to measure “the point of no return” and maximize this understanding for increased length when making love. 

OK…the fact of the matter is…it feels great to cum!  No argument here.  But the problem is, women aren’t biologically designed to “warm up” like we can.  See the chart below…


It’s all about capturing the moment right before you reach your climax and knowing exactly what to do when you get there.  

     How to gain mastery over your natural tendency to “explode” while delivering incredible excitement to your lover! 

Contrary to what you may have heard…you don’t have to think about baseball or something else when you’re making love.

Frankly, it takes all the joy out the experience for you. This method is amazing and the detailed instruction you’ll receive is something you’ve never heard.

And you’ll reach heights of pleasure previously unknown to you…all while your lover has multiple orgasms.

That’s right…after you get this information, only one orgasm won’t be your goal—she’ll experience multiple orgasms every single time! 

     Simple communication guidelines you engage your partner in to fulfill every desire of your lover! 

Nothing of value is achieved in seconds.

It’s a fact of life.

And to be honest here, your lover probably hasn’t been sexually satisfied.  It’s OK… that will soon be solved.

However, sometimes when change needs to occur in a relationship, because of past behavior, your partner may not appreciate your new effort to please her.  Her past experiences hasn’t been up to par, so she may expect less than satisfying sex.  

Inside there’s detailed approaches to coaxing your lover into partnering with you to change this issue for good.  She may be reluctant because she just doesn’t know about Tantra (Thousands of years of recorded sexual history).

But once you “get it” after a few short days, she’ll be thankful you took the time out to learn how to please her. 

     Fully detailed simple instructions to “get everything” out of every stroke! 

Unfortunately, we’re never been taught this ancient love making method.  So our knowledge is derived from our experiences and our environment.  The chances of learning how to properly make love to a woman therefore are slim.  

So most men either rely on what they think (very dangerous) or what the see (big mistake).

If we act from intuition—there’s no way we can satisfy our lover. We wouldn’t last long. And if we act from what we see (porn’s or other TV) we see what actually doesn’t satisfy a woman.

Women want to be loved, caressed, properly brought through foreplay, stimulated—again and again!  And you’ll quickly be able to do this in just a few short days.


Can you imagine using these techniques and becoming the kind of lover your partner could only dream of having?

It Eliminates Premature
in 14 Days or Less!

Better yet, it requires no pills or creams that are so new to the market…you’re completely in the dark about their long-term side effects.

You’ll be able to completely satisfy your lover…and never have those deeply rooted feelings of insecurity again.  

Just imagine actually making your lover moan in ecstasy.

From experience, I have to tell you, it’s the greatest sound you can hear. The sense of pride and ego gratification is amazing.  You feel like you can go out and conquer anything (or anyone).

Picture your lover’s back arched in complete joy from the multiple orgasms she’s now able to experience every single time you make love.  This fills you with levels of self-security you’ve never experienced. Just knowing you can absolutely please your lover.

And better still...

It Works For Every Man
RegardlessOf Size… Shape… Or Color!

It doesn’t matter what your physical condition is…if you’re a man with a penis, you’re guaranteed to last longer. 

No, it’s not some weird thing where you think about your grandma while in the act. Yuck! 

No, you’re not going to go off a couple of hours before you make love and masturbate in some hopeless attempt to last longer... only to discover to your dismay… it doesn’t quite work.

These are real, natural, thousand year old methods of ejaculation mastery you’ll employ to please your lover…and fill you with the sense of security knowing you’ve done it.  

Don't Take My Word For It Look How
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Husband and Wife Fulfill Sexual Desires! 

"First of all I want to say thanks! It’s amazing how you feel once you please your lover…the way she wants.  

"Our relationship was a little rocky, frankly because (even though it’s hard to admit) my sexual performance left her wanting. I would just get so excited, I would cum so fast, it just didn’t give her time to get in the groove.  

"Now, because of what I learned about how to properly make love, and control the timing of when I want to climax, our sex life has reached a previously unknown high. We look forward to the times we get to enjoy each other. It’s not just something “we do” now, it’s something “we desire” and think about throughout the day. 

"Thank you! 

Aaron Ramero
San Francisco, CA "

I really, really appreciate what my husband
learned from you!

"It’s a little strange to talk about, but my husband said it was alright. Our sex life was rocky. I love him, he’s great, and I’m happy to be with him. But until recently, I just wasn’t satisfied.  

"I don’t want to be harsh, it’s just I have needs too. But for whatever reason, he just couldn’t hold it long enough for me to enjoy myself.  

"Now there’s a world of difference. Our love life is great! And this has a profound effect on other important aspects of our relationship. We seldom argue, and it’s just been a joy with him.  

"Thank you for what you shared with my husband, 


Renee Ramero
San Francisco, CA"


Can you imagine what knowing this information can do for you? Look how the happy couple above where able to gain full control of their sex life and actually start enjoy sex again!

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She’ll finally be satisfied with your ability to last long in bed. Not to mention all the new positions that will send her over the top.            

You’ll finally be able to please you lover.

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In addition you'll get Kama Sutra—the 128 color wp-content/themes/sleek/images detailing step-by-step love making procedures…guaranteed to eliminate “the same old stuff”. That’s a $49 FREE bonus.  

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The fact of the matter is, you’re going to last longer.  Way longer if you like.  You’ll have complete control of your timing.  You’ll cum when you want.  

Knowing this, as part of “Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery” you’ll get your hands on… 

128 Color Images Detailing Proven Methods

To Stimulate Your Partner… And How To Do It! 

Inside there are over 128 color images detailing love making methods. You’ll learn the entire science of love making.  


           And there's another 124 color wp-content/themes/sleek/images inside guaranteed to give you a enough diversity in your love making... your lover will never be bored!

Let’s Add It Up 

Analyze this package against your other options. 

You could pay $60 - $65 for pills you have to take hours before you know you’re going to have sex.  It’s about a month’s supply (It will cost you over $720 for a year’s supply).  And you have no idea of the long-term effects because it’s a new drug.

You could get hung up on this and pay well into the thousands.  And this never really solves the problem.  The problem is only hidden behind the pill. 

Or, you could get the cream that deadens the nerves at the head of your penis.  The active ingredient in this cream is benzocaine and is used as a local anesthetic.  This approach eliminates all the fun and stimulation for you.

AND... It will cost you about $120 per year to keep this going. Plus, again it makes you dependant on the cream…it’s not a permanent solution.  

Or you can permanently end this problem all with a little guidance from thousands of years of recorded sexual history. This is permanent… and builds confidence knowing it was finally you who pleased your lover! 

You get the 2 Audio Cds And the Manual Cd
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This is an amazing body of knowledge.

It's helped men throughout the ages overcome their naturally tendency to want to explode before their partner is stimulated.

But, I understand any fears you may have.  After all... I've been exactly  where you are today.

And maybe you think all is lost.

Perhaps you think your situation is different... perhaps you think this is just something you're always going to have to put up with. 

Listen, my friend... it doesn't have to be this way.  Frankly, you can eliminate this condition yourself, with no external aids... you already have what it takes!

So I'm offering you to try this out for three months.  90 full days to give it your best shot.  If this doesn't work out for you, then I don't want to keep one cent of your money.

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I take solving your premature ejaculation problem serious.  I know what it’s like to experience the embarrassment of not fulfilling the desires of your lover.  I went through it myself.

I want to eliminate any risk, and remove any doubts you have…If this problem isn’t solved for you, using this ancient approach, I don’t deserve to keep your money.  

Try the program for a full 60 days, if you're still unhappy with your performance and want a refund…you’ll promptly get 100% (every penny) of your money back. Just email me at , and I’ll quickly return your money.

And if this ever occurs, you can keep the FREE bonus as may way of saying “Thanks, for giving this a try”.  

You have two full months to try this out on your partner(s). 


Imagine it...

You can immediately start getting rid of all those miserable feelings of insecurity about your lover cheating on you because you don’t satisfy her in bed.

You’ll be extremely strong and confident in your abilities to satisfy any woman because you have complete control over when you ejaculate.  

And on top of that... you’ll have 128 highly satisfying, love making positions to experiment with for years to come.

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